Action, Defence, Free, Windows

Surrounded is a top-down action-defence game whereby you have to carefully manage your resources to survive a zombie onslaught until help arrives. Use your ammo sparingly while more is replenished after passing time. Build obstacles around you and fire rockets to take out multiple zombies at one go. As your kills increase, more arsenal will be given to you at your disposal in the form of a flame thrower and air support. Only after you have successfully clocked your kills and is still alive after 5 minutes, then is your option for evacuation given to you. But you may not want to leave yet, as you want to see how long you can last taking out a much bigger horde of zombies by now. Who says you can’t have a little fun?

Experience and increasingly fast paced action. Learn the patterns of the attacking zombies, and measure it up against the conditions required to replenish your supplies, and gain new weapons.

Killer sounds and music, featuring a track from French melodic heavy metal band Marker Beacon. Blow away the advancing zombie horde to bide time until help finally arrives from the sky.

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Surrounded is entirely free to download, install and play. There is no in-game purchase or advertisement banners. Enjoy.

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Surrounded is not a commercial product, and it is free of charge with no in-game purchase and no advertisement. You may download, install and play in as many Windows devices as you want, copy it to a friend, whatever.

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