Flappy Choi

Flappy Choi

Action, Fan Game, Free, Retrogaming
For Android only


King of Fighters’ Choi Bounge and his Korean team have entered the world of Flappy Bird. We cannot explain where the flappy bird has gone to, but right here right now is Choi and his friends.

Flappy Choi is a fan-game and a parody of the world-famous (or infamous) Flappy Bird. There is really no storyline, and it hopefully tickles your funny bone especially if you are a King of Fighters fan.

Like Flappy Bird, tap anywhere on the screen to have Choi flap upwards. Navigate him through a Mario-rip off pipes. Touch the pipe and… you may not actually die… cos it’s not as difficult as Flappy Bird’s pixel collision. But if Choi touches the pipes deep enough — hey why don’t you just give it a try and see what happens??

And what happens if you tap on any of the Team Korea portraits below? I’ll let you find that out yourself. Learn what those portraits do, and use them to advance yourself further into the game.

Okay, whatever – just watch this demo to find out.


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Yes, you read it right. Flappy Choi is entirely free of charge. No in-game purchases, no advertisements. Just download, install and play.


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Flappy Choi is not a commercial product, and it is free of charge with no in-game purchase and no advertisement. You may download, install and play in as many Android devices as you want, copy it to a friend, whatever.

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