Bomber Bro

Do you remember the old NES classic Bomberman? Here is Bomberman reimagined as a 2D side scroller like Super Mario Bros. But because it is only one player, I shall call it Bomber Bro.

Using sprites from NES Bomberman, Super Mario Bros and Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, I cobbled together a fun platform game where you control Bomberman.

Burst through 6 stages, encountering familiar enemies but now with new capabilities than they have from the classic game. Explore hidden rooms, lure enemies to their doom, or simply plant a bomb right in their faces.

Ultimately, try to find your other Bomberman friends who are trapped at the end of the game. Reminisce the good old Bomberman chiptune music and the joy of watching his bomb go boom.

Download FREE for Windows

Bomber Bro is entirely free to download, install and play. There are no in-game purchase or ads. Enjoy.

Did you like Bomber Bro?

Bomber Bro is free of charge with no in-game purchase. You may download, install and play in as many Windows PCs as you want, copy the installer to a friend, whatever.

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